Aware, makers of natural and recycled fabric products for sustainable earth friendly apparel and medical applications, pivots to produce face masks for charity to combat Coronavirus pandemic.



Startup aware announced that it has shifted its efforts from natural fabric apparel and products to face masks -- to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.  


This changes everything...

In light of the Coronavirus epidemic, aware has decided to use their entire hemp fabric inventory for face masks. “We are dedicating our time, material and financial resources to sew protective personal use masks and donate them – to help flatten the curve by preventing transmission of this horrible disease” – according to founders Inga Kozel and Svetlana Acquista.  


“We named our company a•ware because a•WarE  a•wARE  A•WARE!  We are earth friendly… earth focused… and earth sustaining global citizens who intend to make a difference – and hope you will too.”


No one would recommend that a start-up company give away its materials and resources. Then again, at first, no one fully expected the Coronavirus devastating impact on families, friends, community and our economy. As proud corporate and global citizens, aware feels it is imperative to join the worldwide effort to fight the virus – by prioritizing being a good friend, family member, neighbor and communitypartner. 


***We joined the battle to support those who are putting themselves on the front lines to save people’s lives. We gathered our friends and colleagues together to produce antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable personal protection masks, Designed and sewn by women, friends and sisters here in NYC, and we are donating them to front-line medical workers. 


“By uniting the efforts of so many volunteers – who couldn’t stand idle while people are in need, we are able to do even more to help those who are saving lives” according to the founders of Aware.


A•ware has launched a crowd funding page with the mission “help us send a front-line medical worker a mask” in an effort to help those fighting against the virus. Please join them and “Please join us and help awareness go viral”. 



“We are aware of the earth and aware of the importance of HUMANITY.”


Join aware in doing the right thing! Wash your hands. Wear a mask.


“Together, we will get through this and we’ll start over.”


“We love NYC!”

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