Where are you shipping from?

We are shipping from New York City. We are currently offer shipping via USPS.


How long does it take to deliver?


If the masks are in stock, we ship in approximately 1-3 business days to any location in US. 


Custom orders take approximately 2-5 days to ship.


How is the best way to clean my a•ware mask?


To clean your mask and help it last longer, please hand wash it with a drop of detergent or mild soap in warm water and hang to dry. If you choose to machine wash, please wash in cold/warm water and tumble dry on low heat settings.


Iron on medium heat on the side without the label (ironing will bring back the original shape)


Can I return my mask?


We want you to love our mask as much as we do.

Return of wearable items are not allowed due to health and safety concerns.


What makes our a•ware masks stand above all others?


Our masks are designed and hand made (it takes 1,5 hour to make one mask) by women in New York City. The masks are durable and reusable. Say NO to disposable masks (made out of plastic , like polypropylene). You would need to buy 100 masks a month for your family safety. 


Get an aware mask per family member or friend, and with proper care, each mask can last up to a year.

Our masks are made out of pure quality sustainable, bio-degradable, ultra-strong natural hemp.

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Why our masks are antibacterial?


Hemp is known and historically proven to have natural antibacterial properties against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, mold and mildew. Common bacteria and fungi ( Staph, Coli and Candida) vanish in hours of contact with our fabric versus cotton which can host them for weeks!