Who we are


a·ware is a sustainable textile company that was created by friends/women/mothers/sisters with the vital mission of making a positive and lasting impact on our earth. It was highly personal… with 1/3 of couples suffering with infertility – in both women and men –  caused by plastics, hormones and other pollutants (or: toxins) proliferating our air, water, soil and foods… our mission was to create products that make a difference – by reducing our exposure to toxins and artificial fabrics in our clothing, and beyond. 


We are  earth friendly… earth focused… earth sustaining. We intend to make a difference – and hope you will too.  


Leaving a cleaner, more natural world for our children – and yours – is our guiding principle.


a·ware was born out of a very trying and potentially life-altering experience. From this challenge sprung the passion to improve the status quo. We’re taking a stand… (and/or: taking the lead) and making a difference by introducing sustainable, clean, eco-friendly fabrics for your family and our globe.

Cracked Earth